Dev Log 5

Art Part:

For the art part I have just recently been able to switch back to art work so now I have placed in what assets I had already modeled in the past that had been textured by our team’s concept artist and have gone back to fix old models and uv them so that we could add them to our game once their texturing is done.


The picture above is for the rock ground that we were going to use for the wasteland area. Incase I hadn’t mentioned before I was told to make voxelized-like rock but was also supposed to aim for an overwatch style texture bake. To aim for the style I would build up the faces first using the clay brush and make sure to build up a bit further everywhere along the face except the edges. I then used the flatten brush and would size it up and flatten first around the edges then along the surface. If the flatten tool size i was using was too big the face would be too flat so I would then size it down (if i sized it down too far there would be too many creases along the face of the rock) i would then bring down the size of the flatten tool and use it along the edges to help sharpen them so they would show up better on the bake.


I would try to do the same approach for the rock spike although because it is more detailed than a general square shape some parts came out weird. A problem with it was that it had several small parts on the rock which made it difficult to use the same process i would previously use.

Since the environment is supposed to be dark with little artificial lights in the environment it wasn’t as necessary for me to make sure the model was perfect since the details would hardly be noticed in the first place.

Level Design Part:

At this point in time I have started including my scene in the source tree for my group. I work on it in my scene and then they take it my changes and add them into the main scene then make some changes on top of it. Since the last time that I posted the person in charge of the puzzles has planned them out and I changed the greybox scene to match it. For most of it I got away with minimal changes but for the last part of the game I had to change it entirely to match.


Shown above is the layout for the puzzles for the city area.


Since this area is almost completely un-textured it is hard to make out from a birds eye view so i views it from normals shader and marked in the path relevant to how the puzzle map above was



Since the last update the side of the marketplace has also been removed. Aside from small changes to the general shape of the map, I added in a bit more details greybox wise to what travelling through the game will be like using debris.



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