Dev Log#4

Art Side:

Art diorama:


During winter break as a test both me and the concept/texture artist worked together on an art diorama by using an area of my greybox and working on making the game art for it. For this i was given a concept of what my layout would look like as an environment in the game and then I modeled the individual pieces and uv’d it and then sent them along with a uv screenshot to the concept/texture artist for him to attempt to texture it. The first model sent out had to be fixed because I forgot to uv the Y-axis faces for the pieces that stuck out and the faces were slightly stretched so I had to redo it. Afterwards the problem didn’t re-occur.The artist is still currently experimenting on texturing for the models in substance painter

This was a test picture sent to me from the artists maya scene


This week, aside from combinning the different areas into one environment scene I also uv’d the character, this process wasn’t a challenge though it did take a way since it is many small pieces. Until the concept/texture artist tests the model with textures i will start working on sculpting the details for the wasteland rocks unless the puzzles are ready.


Pictured above is the first version of one of the ground rocks with only the edges messed with slightly before the top and bottom sides had to be condensed a bit to make it easier for the player to walk over them. Currently I have begun adding the details to the faces of the newer version of the rock but do not have a picture for it to show.

Level Design Side:

Since the last dev blog post the amount of areas in the game were decided and greyboxed. The areas made were a main entrance to the city, a market place, an industrial area, and the tower for the end as well as the wasteland shown in the previous devlog.

Since i can’t grab a screenshot from here i’ll have to show the concepts that i was given to use for them from our team’s concept artist

While for the marketplace the workflow was the concept was made first then the greybox was laid out to try to match it and build off of it, the marketplace started with me doing the initial greybox by myself with a revision being made later once the concept for it based off my original layout was made.


As for the industrial area (scene above) due to the concept artist being busy I made it by myself and a later concept was not necessary.


Currently I cannot move any further ahead level design wise until the person in charge of the puzzles finishes that and then I will work with him to fit the puzzles into the environment or change the environment to better suit the puzzles.


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