Dev Log #2

Level Design

Since the last dev log I have continued a bit further with the level design of the city and the overall layout of the game has been changed.

The past layout was scrapyard first then wasteland then city but now it is wasteland then scrapyard then city which makes more sense since the scrapyard shouldn’t be so far away from civilization. At this moment i cannot provide the screenshots i took of the first layout of the city and the current one along with the different variations i used. However I can share the concept pictures i used when making it.

The idea of the first variation of the city layout was to have a top and bottom to the city where the player could get a glimpse of one from the other. Illustrated in the bottom picture of the three above is what i looked at when making the top part of the city. Many spaces in between platforms that could allow the player to peer over to what was below while providing a sort of controlled path above and a more crowded area with buildings and such while the picture in the top right showed the lower level which was more spaced out with more of a focus on an industrial look. The reason for this pairing was because of the picture i was looking at in the top left above which was the idea for what the tower that would be at the center of the city for the player to be heading for. It shows a large open space and would have a sort of elevator at the middle to take the player to the top of the tower. This elevator would only be accessible to the player from the bottom level and would force them to find a way down first. This also allowed us to introduce a second type of city environment with a different feeling in order to attempt to not tire the player of the same look and recapture interest.

The current version of the city however, took a page from what the first one was doing while getting rid of the rest. For the second one decided by both i and the concept artist was something that could be describer similar to an in ground pool. The city would be sunken into the ground but without being covered above and was changed to a more easy to read path by making the paths generally 3 long lines that reach out from the tower, before any obstacles are introduced.

3D Modeling

As of late this past week our group decided on making a diorama or example scene so that we could finally get an idea of what the game would actually look like beyond the digital prototype that we recently had to present. This meant that me and the other 3d modeler on the team  were able to start work on making some assets this during the later half of the week.

Going off of the concept art for props provided to us by our teams concept artist we started by modeling and uving on the panels of the city walls as well as a pillar.


I had to change the look of some of the models due to problems that would be caused or in order to be more efficient. For example the second displayed panel on the concept art above was shown as having a rounded top. However since we were going to be stacking these panels beside, above, or below each other the rounded top would not work well with the other panels which are either flat rectangles or angled rectangles so i changed the top of it to match. Also, after i showed the concept artist the first version of the panels he wanted them to stick out more than how they were drawn, to have more of the look that Overwatch gives their metal areas in Volskaya and Dorado. Since i used a bevel for the first version I had to go back and re-make the high-poly mesh which was easier since i kept a version of my mesh before I did the bevel step and i only had to pull out some of the faces a bit as ell as scale them to be slightly smaller and thinner then harden their edges to make the more Overwatch-like look. At this point in time each of the models are between 200 tris to 1k tris (The indents between the panels were asked not to be baked in to the lower poly but kept on both instead).

As for the piece of the second panel being separate from it, it had already been talked about that I should make it and other models in the future into modular parts that can be placed on other parts of the panels easily and I decided that since it was going to be modular anyways I could just add it to these panels in game and create more UV space for both the second panel and the modular piece at the same time. This would also make it easier later if I am asked to make changes to the modular piece since I would not have to apply the change to both.

It was decided that the smaller details of the models would be applied using alphas in substance painter rather than modeled so I made these alphas to use on the models.

Below is the alphas applied to the models in substance painter, at this time there is no serious texturing applied to them. I left the large alpha and the one on the top right without a grey outline because they already provided too much of a line indent by themselves when applied.



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